The san sebastian cheesecake on a wooden chopping board, with a slice taken out of it.
The chocoflan on a wooden chopping board.


6 Portuguese croissants on a baking paper lined tray.

Portuguese Croissants




Hey, it’s Ash! Welcome to I don’t know what I’m supposed to write here but every website seems to have an about section section so I felt like I had to add one too.

I guess I should talk about myself. I don’t remember when I first started baking, every time someone asks me I give a different answer, but I’ve always liked desserts. I would in fact trade my whole family for a slice of cheesecake. But anyways, I started making videos at the start of lockdown season 1. I remember the exact date, time AND temperature it was when I recored my first ever voiceover. Fun fact, I sat inside my wardrobe to do it. I don’t know who told me that was a good idea, someone set me up I think.

234.5 cookie videos and we’re here. I had no idea how to make websites before this, I’m still very much confused to be honest but I tried. I hope you like it!

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