Skillet Cookie

Skillet cookie….or pizaookie….or just a giant cookie. I don’t really know what this is called. I feel like most desserts shops in the UK call it cookie dough. But like this gives me confusion….it’s still baked. I don’t understand.

Anyway, this is one of my favourite things to make. I feel like it’s a great dessert to share with people.

Every time I have ever made it though, I am on my own. So um let’s move on, I hope you like this recipe!

Browning the butter

One of the first things you’re going to do in this recipe is brown the butter.

For this all you’re doing it cooking the butter in a pot until it turns a light brown colour.

I love doing this when making cookies, it just gives cookies a nutty, toasty flavour. AND THE SMELL!!! It will make your cookies and your kitchen smell amazing.  

Do you need to bake this in a cast iron skillet?

I baked this in a cast iron skillet. Most recipes you see of a cookie like this, a cast iron skillet is usually used. It is great to use because you can bake it in the skillet and also serve it in there too.

If you don’t have a cast iron skillet, that’s still fine. This cookie can pretty much be baked in anything that goes into an oven.

If you have a regular pan that is oven safe, you can bake it in that. Or a cake tin or baking dish works too.

Whatever baking dish, tin or pan you use, just try choosing a good looking one because you’re going to be eating the cookie out of it. 


I kept this recipe pretty simple, the only thing I added into the cookie dough was some chocolate. I used a mixture of dark and white chocolate, but you can use whatever kind you want. 

You can absolutely add other things into this, I’ve added chopped cookies and marshmallows too, to make it a s’mores style cookie.

A lot of times I also add some chopped peanuts or walnuts. These add some texture which makes it so good!

Basically all I’m saying is, this is easily customisable, add whatever add-ins you want. 


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